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Mathematics teaching and learning looks different than it did before the COVID pandemic. And mathematics teaching and learning will likely never be the same. In the ORCIDS project, teachers, researchers and other math educators are focused on ways to engage more meaningfully with students online. Together we are learning about selecting good tasks for doing math in a virtual context and developing strategies and experience with software designed to help us see, think about and build on students’ work. And it’s all designed to take place asynchronously — without the camera on… 

ORCIDS is an NSF-funded collaboration between Drexel University, the 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education, and California State University – San Marcos that builds on the EnCoMPASS online environment that supports teachers with formative assessment of open-ended or open-middle mathematics tasks. In the ORCIDS project, we expand this online environment to support more varied approaches to formative assessment and more robust connections between analysis of student work, formative assessment and classroom instruction. We invite you to apply to join this group of innovative mathematics educators and become a founding member of this new professional community that will develop and sustain this resource.

I can’t say enough about working with this group.
I know that my conversations and collaborations will benefit my teaching.  The students are going to be richer for it. 

EnCoMPASS Participant

For more information about the ORCIDS Project or to participate in our Professional Development, please contact us.

ORCIDS is a new initiative from the EnCoMPASS Project

The goal of the EnCoMPASS project is to help teachers further develop their knowledge and ability to think about, assess, and understand students’ progress. Specifically, it helps teachers recognize students’ methods of thinking, misconceptions and problem solving as well as provide opportunities and contexts for developing the knowledge, skills, and practices to support adcances in students, mathematical thinking and problem solving.

Through its community-based approach to online mathematics teacher professional development, EnCoMPASS offers researchers the opportunity to study online communities of educators. Specifically, researchers can get an in-depth look at how online interactions can address the immediate needs of classroom teachers and be scaffolded to result in sustainable professional communities. The resulting community interactions can then provide a rich resource for future community activities focusing on understanding teacher development and studying student learning.