Join the ORCIDS Project - PD beginning January 2024!

ORCIDS Online Professional Development

Beginning January 2024!

In the ORCIDS project, middle and high school teachers, researchers and other math educators are focused on collaboratively thinking about student work. We strive to understand more about how engaging meaningfully with student work can help us connect to and be curious about the thinking of our students. Additionally, we explore how responding in ways that seek to elicit more information about students’ understandings, instead of jumping right to providing answers, can support knowledge-building conversations that start and connect with resources and approaches that the students bring. 

About the Professional Development

The ORCIDS Online PD will be implemented virtually in cohorts within Google Classroom, with optional Zoom sessions. The PD will consist of 3-4 day-long “chunks” of collaboration and discussion around specific topics, math tasks, and analysis of student work. There will be explicit opportunities to connect workshop activities with both participants’ own and their colleagues’ classrooms. Throughout the course of the project, conversations and activities in the Online PD will explore how our EnCoMPASS Software can support teachers:

  • Exploring mathematical topics, including proportional reasoning and algebraic thinking
  • Being responsive to student thinking in in-person, hybrid and online classrooms
  • Shifting to more student-centered instruction
  • Attending to equity in mathematics teaching

Participant Expectations

Participants will engage in a 10-12 week Online Professional Development sequence. As the ORCIDS project is a research project, participants will also be asked to complete project research activities, including consent forms, surveys, and interviews.

Participants who successfully complete the PD will receive monetary compensation for their time.

Meet Our Fellows

Learn from and with folks who have participated in our extended Professional Development and are now Fellows of the program who will be leading the cohorts for this PD. These teachers are excited to share what they have learned, as well as to continue to learn in community with you!

Sandhya Raman has seven years of math teaching experience in California. She states, “I love to see students’ curiosity being piqued, and their explorations to get the ‘aha’ moment.”

Sandhya noted that her biggest takeaway from participating in the ORCIDS workshop series was realizing that “there is a lot that happens when we notice and wonder before we actually get to the math task!”

When asked to share what she hopes to share with others, Sandhya stated, “Allow students the time and opportunity to explore and be curious on their own, they will get to the task and be better equipped to tackle it!”

Sandhya Raman received her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, India and Masters of Arts in Teaching from University of Southern California.

Jennifer Baker has twenty-two years of math teaching experience. She states, “I love seeing students discover the wonder of mathematics.”

Jennifer states,  “The ORCIDS workshop was invaluable for my teaching routine – it helped me become better and guiding a student’s thinking without shutting it down.”

When asked to share what she hopes to share with others, Jennifer stated, “I hope to share what I have learned, learn and grow together with other practitioners, and encourage each other to become better at our craft.”

Jennifer Baker received her BA in Math Education from St. Mary’s College of Maryland and M.S.Ed in Student Services & Counseling from Liberty University.

Laura Kaplan has twenty years of math teaching experience. She states, “I love showing students that math isn’t about memorization or speed and those moments when those lightbulbs appear above the students’ heads.”

Laura shared that her biggest takeaway from the ORCIDS workshop was “the focus on student thinking and how best to use that to further the student’s thinking.”

When asked to share what she hopes to share with others, Laura stated, “I’m hoping to give others the practice with this type of insight into student thinking and giving productive feedback.”

Laura Kaplan received her Bachelor of Arts in Education from University of Illinois and MAEd from Michigan State University.

LaToya Waddell has twenty years of math teaching experience. She states, “I love the connections I make with students and their families when I am teaching. I love to teach students how to problem solve and figure out mathematical problems, not just to teach the math.”

LaToya shared, “My biggest takeaway from participating in the ORCIDS workshops is that you can find something to build on, in any student solution. It’s encouraged me to give more open ended questions in my classroom, where you’re focused on the process and not just the solutions.”

When asked to share what she hopes to share with others, LaToya stated, “As I implement this professional development I hope to encourage more math teachers to take risks in their classrooms, and to trust the problem solving process.”

LaToya Waddell received her B.A. in Mathematics from Centenary College, M.S. in Mathematics Concentration in Education from Montclair State University, and  M.Ed. Mathematics Curriculum and Instruction from Concordia University.

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