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Project Overview

The EnCoMPASS Project is a platform for teachers to offer students a more interactive and focused approach to teaching math. Each student has a voice in a structured and controlled manner. With EnCoMPASS students will be able to collaborate on work, and will be offered community-based support. Teachers will have the resources to further analyze work and trends through out courses and students.

For Teachers

The goal of the EnCoMPASS project is to help teachers further develop their knowledge and ability to think about, assess, and understand students’ progress. Specifically, it helps teachers recognize students’ methods of thinking, misconceptions and problem solving as well as provide opportunities and contexts for developing the knowledge, skills, and practices to support adcances in students, mathematical thinking and problem solving.

For Researchers

Through its community-based approach to online mathematics teacher professional development, EnCoMPASS offers researchers the opportunity to study online communities of educators. Specifically, researchers can get an in-depth look at how online interactions can address the immediate needs of classroom teachers and be scaffolded to result in sustainable professional communities. The resulting community interactions can then provide a rich resource for future community activities focusing on understanding teacher development and studying student learning.

Border Impact

The EnCoMPASS project helps to address the national crisis in mathematics student achievement through the establishment of an online program and professional network for teachers that can be used and adapted to achieve individual, school, district, state, and national objectives in improving math learning and teaching. Specifically, the project seeks to improve the quality of mathematics learning and teaching through the establishment of an online professional teaching community focused on mathematics professional development.

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