Join the ORCIDS Project - PD beginning January 2024!

ORCIDS Workshops

Thank you for your interest in our newest EnCoMPASS Project, ORCIDS: Online Reflection and Community-based Instructional Development System.  ORCIDS is a NSF-funded research and development project.

ORCIDS Workshops were implemented from the Spring of 2021 through the Spring of 2023. We are now implementing local learning community professional development. (See ORCIDS Professional Development for more information.)

In the ORCIDS project, teachers, researchers and other math educators are focused on collaboratively thinking about student work. We’d like to understand more about how engaging meaningfully with student work can help us connect to and be curious about the thinking of our students. Additionally, we will explore how responding in ways that seek to elicit more information about students’ understandings, instead of jumping right to providing answers, can support knowledge-building conversations that start and connect with resources and approaches that the students bring. 

About the Workshops

The ORCIDS workshops will include weekly synchronous sessions and semi-synchronous work, consisting of 3-4 day-long “chunks” of collaboration and discussion around specific topics, math tasks, and analysis of student work. There will also be explicit opportunities to connect workshop activities with both participants’ own and their colleagues’ classrooms. Throughout the course of the project, conversations and activities in the online workshops will explore how our EnCoMPASS Software can support teachers:

  • Exploring mathematical topics, including proportional reasoning, algebraic thinking, geometric and spatial reasoning, etc.
  • Implementing the mathematical practices in online and hybrid learning settings
  • Being responsive to student thinking in in-person, hybrid and online classrooms
  • Shifting to more student-centered instruction
  • Focusing effectively on equity in mathematics teaching

Workshop participants will also contribute to the refinement of the EnCoMPASS Software and have opportunities for engagement and collaboration outside the formal workshops, including online discussions and partnerships with other participants (and their students) on collaborative efforts such as math pen-pals and cross-school online mentoring.

Participant Expectations and Compensation

Participants are asked to participate in a series of three six-week workshops. As the ORCIDS project is a research project, participants will also be asked to complete project research activities, including surveys, interviews and teaching sets/class observations.

Participants who successfully complete the three workshops will have an opportunity to continue participation in the project and to apply to serve in leadership roles as mentors or facilitators for future cohorts.

Workshops (a complete view of workshop offerings)

2021Workshop 1:
April 19-May 29
Workshop 1:
June 21-July 2 (compressed)
Workshop 2:
July 19-July 30 (compressed)
Workshop 1:
October 4-November 12
Workshop 3:
November 1-December 10
2022Workshop 2:
January 24-March 4
Workshop 3:
March 21-April 29
Workshop 1:
May 9-June 17
Workshop 2:
July 11-July 29 (compressed)
Workshop 1:
October 31 – December 9
2023Workshop 2:
January 9 – February 17
Workshop 3:
March 6 – April 14

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